June 16

16/6/18 saturday

Hey ppl of global 2,

This was a life-changing day for me!  Ok I need to start on Tuesday…

Tuesday I was in pain it was my stomach I felt terrible, it screamed with agony. My mum took the day off work to take me to hospital. I went at 7:30 ish in the morning the doctor did some tests and sent me back home. I had previously had Guardia an Asian water disease that makes you intolerant to milk. The doctor said it very unlikely that I would have it again, but I took all the tests and I was supposedly fine.

I went home and watched YouTube; Daz black was the main YouTuber I watched! He is really funny and made me laugh even when I was screaming in pain inside. Later that day I started my downhill slide back to sickness I was screaming In pain and my mum and dad took me to hospital again. I was put in fast track so I went into a bay and had ALL the tests from x-ray to ultrasounds to blod tests to temperature tests. I was fine apparently. I then felt like someone was going to kill me. I felt like my guts where twisting up and knotting, I felt like my ribs where cutting my lungs and my neck was being slashed open! I cried out in pain! “ IM DIYING IM DIYING!” I felt like I was. My heart beat got irregular my muscles clenched  and then I lost my sense of passion my sight was blurry my memory fuzzed I could feel everything but my sense of taste, sight, smell, and my emotions left me. They put an IV spud in my hand and gave me a bay in the short stay overnight section. The sleep was terrible, I had to have pain relief alot. I went home the next day and I took the rest of the week off. All of my senses where dulled. My love of music and my passion to sing and be with my friends just tired into love of distraction and  passion to get better. My life felt incompleate and it felt like it was draining. My only source of comfort was YouTube with people like Daz black, Safia Nygaard, Simply nailogical and all the small vines and discovery UK, Cooking caught my attention too.

Onto today,

my day started upbruptly it is a Saturday and I don’t like being woken up on a Saturday by ANYTHING except the smell of pancakes. I had to go to a concert at 9:00am so I got up and did mai morning stuff. I packed entertainment for backstage too. So I got my stuff together and left. It is winter now ( I’m Aussie bish ) and the sun was just peaking its golden rays up. I felt ok as I had improved during the week. I felt rusty on my feet and slow in my head. But I did my rehearsals fine until the end of a mini finale. “ ok girls we will now announce the outstanding potential awards.”

I knew I wouldn’t in a million years get one of them so I just played along.

from piccolo

from vevo

from alegro

from avanti

From prelude

this is when my gut gave a lurch. Not in a bad way, It wasn’t like when I was sick in hospital. My adrenaline was up I guessed. I didn’t know why but I knew something would happen.

From Concert chior…

Tiia Spencer. I stumbled back. People cheered and it was like a cross between the hunger games reaping and being a world famous pop star.

As i made my way to the front for my “trophophie” i bearly heard camarata get called. I was beaming from ear too ear. Plus my perants wouldnt know till the concert when i would get called up infront of the audiance and the whole of the girls performing then at the AGC!

As I walked onto the stage for the mini finale I remembered that I would be standing infront  very soon I was nervous as I walked off the stage for just a few minutes to the grand final I was ecstatic I sung the finale  with us and sparkle in my eyes, I made a sneaky beeline for the offstage accidents so that I could quickly get off stage and come back on stage for the outstanding potential awards i got backstage and collected my trophie for the anouncement. I knew that my mum has booked tickets in the second row on the end to the left. As i walked onstage i looked at my perants they had no idea untill i was standing right infront for a mili second they noticed the other girls then my dad tapped my mum franticly and my mum looked up into my eyes and smiled i saw a tear fall down her cheeck as she whooped and cheered and screamed my great grandmother sitting next to her was also in awe. I smiled back. My dreams where comming true! My life dream to become a singer was infront of me. I smiled to the audiance and beamed. I had bot felt this happiness in a long time. My passion to sing came back and i feel healthier and happier.

Miricle day 


June 3

June third

hi again users of global 2 this will be a short and pretty sharp post sorry for not posting much I have had a hectic and crazy time. From friends, to school events, to out of school activities. I just can’t get enough time. I have a lot on every weekend now so you won’t hear much of me. I will be bouncing around the globe soon so check up often. Lots of pictures of my holiday too. Anyway tell me what you prefer. Daily shorts or whenever I can long articles for my globe tour. U guys will get the inner scoop of plane seats to tourist attractions. Sorry but I will be blotting myself out of pictures for private reasons.

May 5

May the fifth 2018

People of global to hello I recently have had some amazing news this is kind of my life story sit back relax and enjoy. Ever since I was about six I love to sing and dance especially with some of my friends I remember always getting their  CDs Playing every single song on every single one of them until we were too tired to dance any more then we sat out the back and had ice cream it was some of the best days of my life, when I was about seven about a year after this I discovered that apparently I had a really good singing voice my friend that I liked To dance with had a famous singer For a mother I was always kind of jealous of her for having such a fantastic mum could sing so beautifully not that my present mother isn’t a great singer or anything but she was actually a famous singer she said that I had a brilliant singing voice and I had a brilliant effort tune and lyrics she told all of this to my mum my mum decided to get my singing lessons and music lessons immediately I asked her why and she said  for mother I was always kind of jealous of her for having such a fantastic mum could sing so beautifully not that my present mother isn’t a great singer or anything but she was actually a famous singer she said that I had a brilliant singing voice and I had a brilliant effort tune and lyrics  she is one of the reasons why I set my goal of life that yeah I discovered I really wanted to sing I didn’t want to do anything else in my career I couldn’t imagine being a bank account manager or a lawyer or a teacher or anything else just a singer and a dancer I had already taken up dance lessons as all little girls did and now I was taking piano lessons I told my mum my dream and she immediately got on the phone with the best choirs she could find  The choir she found was brilliant I enjoy the concerts every year and I’m always in them it’s a brilliant way of making friends and having the best time ever also doing thing that I love the most singing and acting it was almost a dream come true then the choir asked me this year something amazing ; would you like to try out for a solo piece immediately I told my mum yes yes yes so she got on the phone and said sure shall audition the audition was going to be brilliant I can feel it. Can the day I was scared and I was shocked this opportunity was one in two different solo classes  unfortunately I did not get into the first one I felt depressed and sad so I continued with my normal life you know being a student and doing your homework my mum is a teacher so she went away to camp, On the camp she made to mysterious phone calls to my father she always said can I talk to you for a second then went out into the kitchen and I was left in my room puzzled at the mysterious call, Nevertheless my mother came home yesterday I was delighted that she was home but again I was still sad that I didn’t get into the first opportunity about an hour ago my mother tell me something that made me jump literally out of my seat and chip all of my lunch all over , Nevertheless my mother came home yesterday I was delighted that she was home but again I was still sad that I didn’t get into the first opportunity about an hour ago my mother told me something that made me jump literally out of my seat  started crying with joy know that I have an excepted me into the first opportunity but instead they excepted me into the second class the second class is even better than the first class I get to do solos and I get to sing every Thursday in front of such great singers I’m so thrilled leave a love heart down in the comments goodbye for now

May 3

3rd of may 2018

Hi people of global too sometimes I feel like this blog is just kind of lonely at school I’m not lonely though I have a big group of friends that really fun today hurt my wrist and my ankle by slipping on the new hockey field is not so fun being injured while my friends are playing volleyball but I mean I am the cheerleading team now I’m excited and kind of wary of the future on Monday we have the innovation project try and spread this out your friends if you’re reading it  I swear it’s not about the publicity is just about being a community sorry about the lack of punctuation sometimes I have to use talk to text as I will read over it hey I have an asked you this yet but how are you going comment in the section below why don’t you make a blog I don’t really know what to talk about I’m just watching my friends play volleyball and possible ground bouncing off the walls and yeah it’s kind of strange game of volleyball we throw around we bouncing off the walls and rolling around  don’t understand why people think that secondary school will be such a nightmare it’s quite fun and so motorway it’s different from from primary school because you get more responsibility and more independence that there is a lot more homework so be wary of that whenever we have lots more projects we get time of homework we need to fill in a tonne of stuff to. British around see if anyone else will read it sometimes I feel like this blog is a bit of an isolation point for me but at least I get to see all my memories . That’s so far is my daily life see you.

May 2

Hey again


Hey people of global two i am at secondary school now and i was thinking of actually blogging now I am going traveling for a bit in July and I am going to be blogging that you will get all the deets and the drama also all the pictures, I will be gone for a month please comment in the description if you have any requests on pictures and you can comment to me so I can see your comments so,

first I will be going to L.A, followed by California then I will go to Germany then Finland after Singapore back to home. Comment and subscribe!!!!

December 19

hi guys!

hello big world out there! my blog will be imported to another website called  wordpress soon! you can still read my posts its just that i am graduating my school and they need to deleate it to let in more kids from my school!

November 25

coding school BTN

3.that coding is a big part of the future

3.that this school is the first school developer under the actual schools name.

3.that you can also code on ipads.


2.i wonder if we could use ipads for our topic of coding instead of scratch?

2. is it harder or easyer that scratch?


  1. i understand that coding is and will be a big part of the future and that there are many people using many different brands to code!
November 17


finally after about 4 years i had convinced my parents to let me have a sleepover party…. i told everyone to bring some sweets that where left over from Halloween

the only real problem was…where could we hide it all!?…

i rushed into my room… i found a small hiding place under my bed… i hoped my cat would not eat them and i stashed them underneath.

i ran out the front to welcome my first guest!!



we jumped for the snacks… where where they… in there place i saw my cat… i a small round ball…

we laughed happily…

November 12


i felt the ground shake… again… again… i peeked out of my window, i felt the ground shake…people outside, began to disapear they first faded, i looked closer, people were not seeable? is seeable even a word? i looked at my own hands, they were still there…

i looked at my friend, she was fine too

we where watching a horror movie and the ground had begun to shake… this was all to strange.

we looked at eachother, she came to the window, she turned pale, she said one thing as she pulled me by my hand out of my apartment door…: he is here…