October 17

New Zealand!

recently I went to New Zealand! That was so much fun. My cousin had moved over there with her parents around 3 months ago and we decided to go pay them a visit. It was freezing cold! But we made a fort downstairs and slept in the freezing cold all night. It was fun. On the second or third day ( can’t remember ) we went horse riding! I had only ever been led around on a horse but my great grandmother was the first female trotter in the racers in Melbourne! So it was in my blood. We booked a trail ride up a hill, the veiw from up there was phenomenal. You could see the lake and the small town and my cousins house from there. In 5 minutes they gave me the crash course on how to ride. And off we went! I never fell either! 👍🏻 We had so much fun! They had great ice cream at a place called black peak ice cream! The passion fruit was amazing! I can’t wait to go back!

September 21

The crushing truth

for about 3 terms i have had a crush on someone, i’m not one for soppy romance novels so this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. its the last day of school in term 3 untill the holidays and i finaly to;d him via note and he dosnt like me anymore!!! 🙁

September 17

#delilahkittylove 17/9/18

today was sad, i lost a cat that i thought i was helping, her nickname from myself was delilah, she was acute cat and a happy cat, but she was stray, she had a tumor of her belly and it was bleeding, my mother took her to the RSPCA and they said they could do nothing, they said that she would be put down, my mother agreed. after she had been put down my mother texted me, i was in dibelife, i thought that maybe delilah would be my cat along with my cute cat curtis, but no, behnd my back yet again, a cat has been out down, i would have stood for keeping her alive, im sad thats why i have made #delilahkittylove on insagram, if you have instagram, thats where you will see pictures of her, i love her, i wish she was still here to be loved.

please dont critisize its hard enough already


sory for so many spell mistakes

June 16

16/6/18 saturday

Hey ppl of global 2,

This was a life-changing day for me!  Ok I need to start on Tuesday…

Tuesday I was in pain it was my stomach I felt terrible, it screamed with agony. My mum took the day off work to take me to hospital. I went at 7:30 ish in the morning the doctor did some tests and sent me back home. I had previously had Guardia an Asian water disease that makes you intolerant to milk. The doctor said it very unlikely that I would have it again, but I took all the tests and I was supposedly fine.

I went home and watched YouTube; Daz black was the main YouTuber I watched! He is really funny and made me laugh even when I was screaming in pain inside. Later that day I started my downhill slide back to sickness I was screaming In pain and my mum and dad took me to hospital again. I was put in fast track so I went into a bay and had ALL the tests from x-ray to ultrasounds to blod tests to temperature tests. I was fine apparently. I then felt like someone was going to kill me. I felt like my guts where twisting up and knotting, I felt like my ribs where cutting my lungs and my neck was being slashed open! I cried out in pain! “ IM DIYING IM DIYING!” I felt like I was. My heart beat got irregular my muscles clenched  and then I lost my sense of passion my sight was blurry my memory fuzzed I could feel everything but my sense of taste, sight, smell, and my emotions left me. They put an IV spud in my hand and gave me a bay in the short stay overnight section. The sleep was terrible, I had to have pain relief alot. I went home the next day and I took the rest of the week off. All of my senses where dulled. My love of music and my passion to sing and be with my friends just tired into love of distraction and  passion to get better. My life felt incompleate and it felt like it was draining. My only source of comfort was YouTube with people like Daz black, Safia Nygaard, Simply nailogical and all the small vines and discovery UK, Cooking caught my attention too.

Onto today,

my day started upbruptly it is a Saturday and I don’t like being woken up on a Saturday by ANYTHING except the smell of pancakes. I had to go to a concert at 9:00am so I got up and did mai morning stuff. I packed entertainment for backstage too. So I got my stuff together and left. It is winter now ( I’m Aussie bish ) and the sun was just peaking its golden rays up. I felt ok as I had improved during the week. I felt rusty on my feet and slow in my head. But I did my rehearsals fine until the end of a mini finale. “ ok girls we will now announce the outstanding potential awards.”

I knew I wouldn’t in a million years get one of them so I just played along.

from piccolo

from vevo

from alegro

from avanti

From prelude

this is when my gut gave a lurch. Not in a bad way, It wasn’t like when I was sick in hospital. My adrenaline was up I guessed. I didn’t know why but I knew something would happen.

From Concert chior…

Tiia Spencer. I stumbled back. People cheered and it was like a cross between the hunger games reaping and being a world famous pop star.

As i made my way to the front for my “trophophie” i bearly heard camarata get called. I was beaming from ear too ear. Plus my perants wouldnt know till the concert when i would get called up infront of the audiance and the whole of the girls performing then at the AGC!

As I walked onto the stage for the mini finale I remembered that I would be standing infront  very soon I was nervous as I walked off the stage for just a few minutes to the grand final I was ecstatic I sung the finale  with us and sparkle in my eyes, I made a sneaky beeline for the offstage accidents so that I could quickly get off stage and come back on stage for the outstanding potential awards i got backstage and collected my trophie for the anouncement. I knew that my mum has booked tickets in the second row on the end to the left. As i walked onstage i looked at my perants they had no idea untill i was standing right infront for a mili second they noticed the other girls then my dad tapped my mum franticly and my mum looked up into my eyes and smiled i saw a tear fall down her cheeck as she whooped and cheered and screamed my great grandmother sitting next to her was also in awe. I smiled back. My dreams where comming true! My life dream to become a singer was infront of me. I smiled to the audiance and beamed. I had bot felt this happiness in a long time. My passion to sing came back and i feel healthier and happier.

Miricle day 


June 3

June third

hi again users of global 2 this will be a short and pretty sharp post sorry for not posting much I have had a hectic and crazy time. From friends, to school events, to out of school activities. I just can’t get enough time. I have a lot on every weekend now so you won’t hear much of me. I will be bouncing around the globe soon so check up often. Lots of pictures of my holiday too. Anyway tell me what you prefer. Daily shorts or whenever I can long articles for my globe tour. U guys will get the inner scoop of plane seats to tourist attractions. Sorry but I will be blotting myself out of pictures for private reasons.