December 18


Ariana was sweating. She had been carrying a tent water food and sleeping bags for an hour. ‘’ this looks like a good place to set up what do you think?’’ Tarina  and Champson shouted a loud ‘’yes!’’ so they immediately all their bags with a relieved ‘’AHH.’’


Champson fetched fire wood while Tarina and Ariana set up the tent. It was almost pitch black by the time they had finished so they made a warm relieving fire.


That night they went to sleep as soon as you can click your fingers. They weren’t aware of the body outside. With black skin and black hear and glowing green her body was invisible all except her eyes. She smoothly slowly and secretly slithered around the tent and went away. But as she did Ariana woke up and saw a bush rustle. The next morning they found that the tent was surrounded by a wall of fire. Luckily they had water. But the fire blazed on. For some reason Champson and Terina stepped through the wall of fire without harm leaving a path for Ariana to walk through. It was puzzling for Ariana, Champson and Tarina. When they got out Champson threw water on it while Tarina calmed it down.

“Wow- how did you do that?” asked Ariana. Now let’s get some water from the stream.’ I think we better set up camp here’’ .Yer!’’ ! look there’s a fish ! Champson dived in after it and caught it. It was a salmon. I can’t believe it was so far down here.




As they ate the fish Ariana told  them of the stranger. ‘’it was creeping around the tent it was invisible except its eyes witch glowed we have to be careful’’ whispered Ariana ‘’ok’’ whispered Tarina and Champson . That night the stranger came back .Tarina woke up and saw the creature slither into a bush. Could it be the creature Ariana saw ? so she got out of bed and out of the tent ‘’hey’’ she had found flammable powder all around the tent she saw the stranger look at her she ran at the stranger  and the stranger ran away she followed  the stranger into a clearing with a little house. The strangwer ran into the house and peered through the window. Tarina said “Hello,” to the girl. “Hello, please come out. I mean no harm>”

So the girl came out of the little hut.

“Hello,” said Tarina, “my name is Tarina. Why have you been putting flammable powder around our tent?”

“To tell if you have them.”

“What are them?”


“So that’s why I could go through the fire wall.”

“And your brother has the power of water- try to make flames.” And Tarina’s powers started. She ran around in circles flames came up.


“MUM! MUM!” Tarina shouted.

“What is it?” Ariana yawned.

“Remember when we walked through the flames- it’s because Champson and I have powers.”

“What!?” shouted Ariana.

“And this is my new friend. She’s the one who put fire around the tent”
“Oh, and what’s your name?”

“Iwid” she whispered.


“Iwid” she whispered again.



Chanmpson had woken up “What? We’ve got powers!-COOL!”

“Oh, and don’t…” but Iwid was stopped in the middle of the sentence when Terina and Champson started squealing and shouting and twirling round in circles. A rock formed in their hand and started crawling up their arms. They suddenly fell away from each other.

“Wooow- that was amazing!” they said together. But when they went outside, the wall of fire was alight again.

“Whatever- let’s go through….OUCH!”

“Nope, can’t go through”

“Why not?”
“No powers any more”

“Look” He tried to make water appear. It didn’t work. And Tarina tried to calm it down. It didn’t work either. “The rock” thought Iwid. She grabbed the rock that was in the tent where Tarina and Champson had twirled around. It had a tint of blue and a tint of orange that was glowing around the rock. It was curious to see as colour swirled around it. Iwid threw the rock into the fire. The fire crackled and spattered. It spattered out in half a second.

“No more powers,” said Iwid.

“Why?” asked Tarina.

“Because that was the last powerball in FOREVER.”

The next day it was time to leave. “No more powers,” said Champson.

“No more camp,” said Tarina.

“No more adventure,” said Ariana.


December 4


bang! crash! boom!

it’s a cyclone!

woosh! bang! crack!

it’s a tornado!

ahh! help! skery!

it’s the end!

running! skreaming!

banging! booming!

crashing! wooshing

helping! skreaming!

crying! shreaking!

drenshing! ahhing!

get inside!