March 23


Wow that strange not knowing were some food comes from!

Relying on your parents to cook for you i personally can make my own food. And i like to hep turning soil and planting seeds.Its realy fun.And also relying on not fresh food i cant believe it!

Its not good for our health!my promt

March 23

100 wc last week of term 1!

100 wc

“Few! sighed Abigail” “I know says Harriet i cant believe we are here i wish we could fly!”

“Ya it would be a ton easier!”

“lets have a lunch break we deserve one it was a hard hike up that hill what a slope!”

“I have chips and fruit.”

“I have sweets and sushi sweet yum!”

“lets lie we are going twice as long tomorrow.”


The next day…


“123! ROW! 123! ROW! QUICK!”

No my our! shouted Abigail

They were floating quickly away from shore” NOOOOOO!”

Quick as lightning harriet jumped puled her friend out and swam both of them to sore.




March 18

Tiias biograhpy

In class we are making future biography i thought i would like to post it on my blog this is my biography.


When tiia was in primary school she had started thinking about her job but not as she expected.

When tiia was 15 she left home to go help the homeless in Bangkok Thailand.She started and made a club next to the chiropraoir river the club consisted of about 20 people.

On the 24/8/2022 they held a protest in the town they were all on the news.

5 years later  the people that were homeless then were rescued over 200 people  had homes and food and water. She now lives in phuket and is thinking of making more homes for the homeless.

March 17

BTN plastic pagage

We use alot of plastic today we even put it over our fresh fruit and veges.  It is some thing we don’t need and we use an enormous amount every year it is unbelievable!

We are using something we realy don’t need and it costs more so why put more work into something useless!

I think it is not a good idea at all. It waists lots that we could reuse or not use at all! The world will only have a limited amount of resorses so why should we use it all at once!

All of us should stop using unneeded packages and care About earth more than use it all up and polute.

BTN plastic pakaging Promp

March 17

three men

There was once a time in witch nuthalu was not what it is to day this is how it all began…


Captain foreshore  was smoothly sailing over the ocean when one of his crew yelled out:” land ahoy!”

The captain got up and went outside ”sail towards shore” he commanded.


They were on shore at last he  stabed the flag into the damp sand and said”i proclaim this England”.

Suddenly out of nowhere the native people came out of the bushes!

They said ”you have no right to take away our land!”

The captain laughed yes we do we are from England we are better than you!”

my promp




March 14


I never knew that there were such things as  gravitational waves that was such an amazing idea Einstein . And now we have a machine to measure it wow. We had one recently it happens when a big thing happens in space like a star or planet explodes. Recently the gravitational wave was made when two black wholes joined.  Wow its none as the discovery of the century. its some thing albert Einstien thought up 100 years ago. This was the firts time we have recorded a wave ever.  it send a ripple of graverty through space itself we cant feal it though they are to weak for us. Many people though we would not actualy be able to prove that there was such a thing. Wow that sound preety cool i love space.  I like to find out all about it. Its a big thing that is amazing.  I love it i love weather and natrual parts of the universe.

March 14

thats when the conection broke up


AHHHH  what was that! I sat up strait in my bed i reached for my phone  typed in the pass, entered phone, and typed my friend number in; A sleepy Abigail answered “whats happening Maddie”she yawned.

Somethings is wrong terribly wrong see i was in bed and then all of a sudden i herd a terrible scream. It was blood curdling.  and it sounded like my sis Marcy. Marcy is two year younger than me and is not scared of much i continued. Abigail answered back maybe she is in the play room that was when the connection broke up…

to be continued.

March 2

100wc #1

harriet simmon was a normal girl that was until she was 14 years old when she was on a school trip she found a glowing stone and picked it up she then felt a tingle in her hands  then she started rizing and she flu into the air she was flying that was when people started calling her fire fox it was a shock now she was 15 it was a  year ago mow she was stoping villans like it was a daily activity she was  the super hero of whenton park it was hard to keep up with all her stuff when she had no powers but no it was a breze

March 2



In 5/6 we get buddies they are soooooooooo cute!!!

At our school we have buddies and that is because we want them to feel that it’s fun at school.

It is so much fun for the 5/6 and their buddies it’s the second week of being a buddy and so far it is going great!

We are role models so we have to be sensible but also optimistic, fun and also a bit funny

My buddy is Sadie she is so amazing at colouring and drawing!

We do buddies on every Thursday

Today is a Thursday as well

So far buddies is gong really well!