May 31

BTN triple zero!

Noah a 9 year old boy has gotten a special bravery award for helping an ambulance  get to his injured mum! Last year in October a call was maken to the ambulance. This was Noah, He did what the triple zero said to do and the  ambulance was there in a flash! Noah mum had a stroke at the time. and Noah has gotten an award for his quick thinking and bravery to save his mums life! He stayed calm at all times and called triple zero. he was given the ambulance star award  at a special ceremony at his school!

Think of these questions:

-Is someone badly injured or in need of help?

-Is your life or someone else  life in danger?

-Is there a serious crime or accident taking place?

If these are happening then you should defiantly get on the phone and call 000!

so:stay ALERT stay ALIVE!

sincerely: Tiia2014

May 26

100wc week #16

we creped downstairs. Amy said she had heard something yeah, but she could be mistaken whispered Lucy. I lighted a candle the flame flickered and the went out as a breath of wind licked us of our warmth. We shivered as we went downstairs. We went down and down the stairs checking in every room as we got to the basement i saw something dash past me. We turned on our torches and looked around there seemed to be nothing there then Lucy screamed and dispersed. I went to the broom closet and opened the creaky door as I looked in I turned on my torch Amy was under a black sheet and Lucy was there there to!! SURPRIZE!! They yelled that was the best sleepover party ever!

May 25

BTN mangroves

Mangroves are one of the trees that are very important in our lives they help with a variety of things.

1.filter water so that its not dirty with climate change

3.they can resist up to 100 times more salt than other trees

4.they provide homes for loads of animals like fish, crabs, and birds of all sorts

These are some of the reasons that mangroves are very special.

but now because of climate change about a football field size are dispersing every… HOUR!!

we need to pay more attention to climate change.

( that goes for everything as well as mangroves )

May 25

I Got This Hat.

I was getting ready as fast as lightning. Running like mad all over my house! I jumped in the car with my school bag and i was off. When i got to school I looked at the other kids  OH NO!!! I forgot my hat!!!! Oh the one thing that i forgot why!!!!  Oh well. As i was walking into school  I was hit with a brilliant idea!!I could make a hat! I rushed upstairs dropped my bag in my locker and ran to my classroom I pulled open the tape draw and took a role of tape .Then I grabbed some texters and paper and fashioned a hat.

May 25

my goals

my goals for semester 1 my personal goals

 What I want to learn.

to get better at writing spelling punctuation.

Examples that show I am trying to meet my goal.



Smile n serious

How I learn and behave.

I want to more serious when I learn

 And I also want to not get distracted


Not get distracted just ignore them and if they keep on being inappropriate tell the teacher

What I would like to learn this year:

Geography, astrophysics, drama, more math, speech, languages, and media


 my reflection on my goals

I think that my goals that i have set for myself have been challenging this semester. I think that i like it it was alot harder at the start and still is a bit but with more organization i think that that can be helped. I really like to write on my blog and tell everyone what we are doing at school.  As you may know NAPLAN is coming next week and i hope i do well in that. I am slightly nervous but i will try my very hardest i really think that i have done more than half of my goals already.

My future goals

I would defiantly like to get better at my organization. And at making new friends for sure! I also want to get less distracted and be able to work even when other people are chatting. I need more friends in 5/6 like on camp I will be a bit lonely! Like I have some friends in other classes but it is still a bit challenging. I will get used to it though I guess I need to get ready for high school so this is good practise

Reflection of year goals term 4

Well making a few friends was hard but at camp I still had fun and I made friends. In a way I really think my organization skills have gotten better, like coming to class before the bell with all the books and tools needed. This term we will be learning about space witch is definitely one of my passions. and I love to learn about so I have a few goals for that (see below). Also mapping and times will be fun because I love to map things out I also want to Finnish my novel because it’s a great one about a girl in a haunted house with her friends. Though I still need to work on being less distracted and on task because I am very easily distracted though it is going away though I do want to be better at not getting distracted by high school because that would be great for me to learn more about what our task might be instead of looking out the window into space.

My future goals:

  1. I can get a better understanding about space and what is out there
  2. I will not get distracted in class
  3. I can Finnish my novel
  4. I can make more friends out of class and in class
  5. I will try to finnish my goals in the 10 weeks I have this term

May 19

100wc week 18

latest prompt! in 100wc

Silence was everywhere “I swear I heard something!” whispered Lucy “well you must be mistaken! said Marci. Then we heard a bang  and the door burst open! A giant orange monster burst in! AHHHH we all screamed! We jumped out of our beds, and I swung open the window! We jumped out one by one as the monster launched its way across the room.Thunder was rumbling outside. We ran to the river outside my window and  we swam with our pajamas on. As climbed out of the water drenched to the bone the monster was gone…

…to be continued

May 17

BTN body image

link to the BTN sight

Meagan trailer the pop star that has her videos based on that you should be proud of who you are! Meagan  has recently released a new video and she says she does not like! it can you guess why!

1.she says some of her lyrics were bad.

2.she says that she was photoshoped.

3.she says the setting of the stage was wrong.

can you figure out witch!?

the answer is number: 2!!!

Yes the editors of the video photoshoped Meagan. The video was released to the public but Meagan was discouraged she says” I have a bomb of a hip and i like it have they got a problem with that!”She has now released her complaints in the BTN news and people have commented. I stand by them in saying that photo shopping is wrong and gives younger kids something that they think is pretty and want to copy it its not ok!  Kids will think that is how you are meant to look like so they will try copy them and have all kinds of horrible things put on them like plastic surgery and all type of drugs for it. I say no to photoshoping it should be ileagle!

Yare perfect for who you are!

May 12

BTN eye issues!

loads of people in Australia have eye issues nearly half of all Australians are short sighted that means that some people cant see far distances as well as others. Loads of people have glassses i have glasses but only for reading. I dont have to where them that often though. In primary school 1 in 5 kids have glasses then when they graduate from high school 4 in 5 where glasses or contacts.   the glasses have also been rizing in places like europe america and china. Most people thought it was from to much screen time though scientists have figured out that it is actualy caused by the sun! Its caused by not getting enough sunlight. They tested this with chickens and tiny goggles the chickens have been exposed to different levels of light with 3-5 hours of light a day. the chickens and they got cured for  short sightedness. Wow so now loads more people can get cured from short sightedness yay get ready for a clear life!

link to the BTN sight

May 10

week #17 100wc

I was painting the fence for a neighbor when it all happened.  I looked down to reapply my brush with paint. Then in the reflection I saw a rope ladder rising up to the clouds. I dropped the brush and looked up. I reached up, jumped and swung upward. I was sitting on the first rope. I then grabbed the next rope and climbed. I climbed for 10 minutes. I looked down. I was at least 1 mile upward in the air, though I kept climbing. At last, I got to the clouds. They were soft. I lay down on the soft cloud grass. I looked around, there were cloud houses and trees, it was amazing! It was my cloud land!

this week the 100wc was hard to get to so i am also including a link to another blog that gave me the blog.

link to 100wc blog

link to the blog i used for my promp this week