June 18

100wc Week #22

I was heading for the airport in one hand i held my violin in the other my ticket.

An hour later…

I was finally on the airplane it swept off  towards the sky. The trolley came around once we were fully up

I had eaten my dinner already but i felt peckish so i ordered a yellow banana.My trip was fun I played my violin and walked around the wonderful parks.

I walked along the beach swept up in the yellow sunset with the golden sand between my toes.

 I did not want to leave from this paradise!

But alas the day came to pack up my violin and head onto the Airplane back home.

What a wonderful trip!

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June 15

BTN- animal testing

there are many beautify items that you may use a home everyday you think wow what amazing ideas! how can this ever be bad but it has a dark dark dark side to it

if you think that cute cats puppies and bunnies are cute take a peek at this!

they have been using all those animals and more cute and fluffy creatures for our sake i think that that is horrible! they put the substances on there skin or in there eyes to see if there is any reaction!

it is cruel in my opinion and i think that its wrong!!!!!!

in china beutie products have to be tested on animals before they can be put on the market

though next year the Australian government will put a law up that mean that all of our pets and other animals will be safe from the cruelty in the name of beutie!!!!!

June 15

our school graphs

GDP graph

the top picture is the one i made and the bottom one is the one i got my data from it can show you how much money the countries earn in a year its usefull so we can see the standerd i had learnt a bit more about excel and how to use it it was tricky and it was fun as we learnt alot about the data in the graphs it took a while to type it up but it was preety easy we used just the standered stuff but we could widen out in out in our learning of excel! i like to use excel its really fun and i think that you should try it out!!!!

sincerly; tiiaa2014

June 14

my class masters speech! – reflection and speech itself!

A helium atom is made up of 2 electrons bound together with the electromagnetic force that joins to a nucleus containing 2 protons.

My question:

What is the property of helium that means we inflate it into some balloons?

Answer: helium is lighter than air!

The strong points in my speech were the fun parts and apparently i had good voice so in the expected parts  I thought my quew  cards were a good size

and I think I could have practiced a bit more and I could have included a bit more info because a knew a bit more I think that I rushed a bit also so next time I could practice a bit more I could have slowed down a bit and I could make sure that I have included as much info as I could my time was 1 minute and 30 seconds and the expected was either 2/3 min

5 things that could be avoided in public speaking are

  1. Stumbling over your words-you can smile and practice or if you forget the words you can improvise!
  2. Face plant in you quew cards – again practice and if you are scared look at the back and look at at the opposite wall also try keep your arms strait not bent against your face people will recognize that.
  3. not looking up – DO NOT JUST LOOK AT YOUR CARDS it is a habit that you can get into it is when you EVER look at your audience that you are speaking to you can of course practice and try to memorize your speech
  4. Saying ummm- of course you know what this is – cure-PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Fidgeting- just don’t do this it takes up too much of your concentration and the attention of the audience again practice it’s probably annoying that I am nagging you to practice but really.


Hello Antony and fellow classmates today I will be answering the question: What is the property of Helium that means we inflate it into some balloons? We will be answering this question and a few others you may have.

The reason why we put Helium into some balloons is because Helium is lighter than air. So that means that the balloon will rise upward. Maybe you are thinking…”Hang on, air weighs nothing!” Oh, but it does. It weighs 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level. Helium is measured in atoms, while Oxygen is measured in molecules. There is 4% helium in the air we breathe every day. Helium is a gas that is invisible to the naked human eye. But we can see it with special microscopes. That is how we know it’s there. Helium atoms are made out of two electrons bound together with the electromagnetic force to a nucleus containing two protons.

Where you might find Helium

You might find Helium in these places

  • A party with floating balloons
  • Or you might have a container of Helium at home

Helium is everywhere.

Thank you for listening.

I hope you enjoyed my speech about Helium.

June 10

100 word challenge week #21

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In the town of Chehero it was a beautiful day! Though as the sun sunk below the horizon a whistle blew and everyone disapered… into there homes. Then if you looked closely up the main street without being seen you could see the emperor strutting down the main street in a cloke as red as the sunset. This emperor was Emperor Chang,  He was a greedy man that whipped his servants and treated his town badly. That is how its been for many centuaries.  That is how it is now and forever more will be…

i hope you liked this weeks 100wc!

it was a quick intro to a story i have made up its also a bit connected to the story the wish bird by Gabrielle Wang she is an amazing author! read on to hear the blurb and if you are interested go get the book its a great book!

The girls hands came up to the bars and she gripped then tightly she was speaking to boy with her eyes, pleading for help. then a strange and beautiful sound from her throat rising and falling like the wind.boy had never heard anything like it , yet it was familiar.

Orioles beloved Wish bird is dying and she must leave the forest to save him. But in the city of soulless there is danger everywhere.

can Oriole and boy save Soulless and the wish bird or will the city’s darkness prove to great even for magic?

by the award winning author of a ghost in my suitcase. 

June 6

BTN week #21

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Storms have hit the east coast of Australia  with a big bang! causing deadly floods and king tides witch have damaged buildings and roads the wild weather has also hit parts of eastern Victoria and Tasmania. Across the state schools have closed and hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and at least 3 people have died. Thousands of houses have been left without electricity and in northern tas experts are worried that the storms could possibly be bigger than the ones that hit in 1929! They have warned people to stay away from coastlines and the SES is n standby!

June 3

100wc week #20

”Wait out here billy said his mum on this seat I will only be a minute”.So billy sat there waiting and then he saw a man on the end of the seat. ”Why hello there!” Billy exlamed but the man stayed still. Maybe the man was deaf? Billy went over to the man and tapped his shoulder. Still the man did not move. Hmm thought little Billy why is this man not moving? He was steel like and cold very cold! His mum came out of the shop. ”Oh Billy she said that is a statue it cant hear you!” ”Oh said billy he was very puzzled bye statue he said see you soon!”

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June 2

buddies! healthy Foods

today we were at buddies and we made healthy food faces

the preps are studying heathy boddies so we went down to prep and with our buddies made these amazing food faces!

dont they look yummy!🍌🍅🍏🍓

the ingrediance were!





so if you want to make them here is the recipe !

they were delisiose and easy to make!