August 24

BTN Cyclocross

cyclocross BTN link

louis stibbard is a kid that wants to compeat in cyclocross the cycling sport thats very compettitive though he has some things stopping him can you guess

1: his perants wont let him

2: he has type one diabeties, ceoliac deaseas, and arthritise

3:he does not have the right things to compeat with ( bike hemet ect…ect… )

Wel if you guessed 2 then you are correct!

With other athleats its all about having a good nights rest thats when it starts though for lousi its 3 days earlier to make sure the right things are in his body.

look at the BTN web for more info!

August 22

100wc week #6

Black   Flamingo   Extraordinary   Poked   Underneath

it was extraordinary!!!

The black flamingo the only one left in the entire hemisphere!!!!

I walked up to this amazing animal then I poked it i wondered what it would feal like though the texture was…

sort of..


then the so called flamingo turned and i realized…


it was a ferosios panther!!!!


It was half underneath the water when i saw it so i saw it as a flamingo.

i ran

I ran all the way to my tent

( witch was like 10 miles away )

well we can safely say that there is no such thing as the black flamingo


( though who knows!?!?!?!?!?!?!? )

August 18

Camp poem 2016 Canberra

Camp poem 2016

Trees rushing past.

The sun shining through the bus windows.

We turned the corner and we saw the city of Canberra!

The beauty in the hills as the sun set behind them!

The bus slowed the engine stoped with a rattle and the doors hissed open!

As I looked up at the indigo sky I yawned, and realized that our journey to Canberra had just began.

August 16

BTN moon exploration

We have done a ton of stuff in space, like make space law and even grow fresh produce in space  but we can still do more.

But so far they have always happened because of big space companies with enough money for these huge projects.

But now we are planing all kinds of different things!

  • like may be making a mine on the moon!
  • or  giving air companies the chance to take passengers out of this planet!

There is so much more that we can do out in space!  And you never know you might be the one to find our next planet to live on!

moon explorations! on the BTN web!

August 16

100wc week 5

7c5451bd6ad43151a6a47499c67aee10Yay!!! my little sister shouted.

We were going to the giant water pool park at a place called: The water wonderland pool!

Yeah it was mainly for kids under the age of 3

But I hang out in the baby pool and if they get to close then i just sort of stair at them until they get nervous and go.

Then my little sister came over and she said something  I would never forget ” oopsies accidents happen” And she began to laugh.                                                           little sister! 🙁  >

Oh no no no sh.. sh.. she didn’t!!!!She did.

As a stared into the water it began to turn green…

Why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the link to 100wc blog

August 15

btn hatie and chillie earthquake

Two devastating earthquakes in two moths this is a bad start to 2010 for Hatie and Chillie.

HATIE: the hatie earthquake measured in at 7 though there were around 2500 people killed!

In hatie its less likely to have earthquakes so they are less prepared. With week building materials and bad architecture  they are way less prepared.

CHILLIE: Here the magnitude measured in at 8.8! It doesn’t seem  much difference there is actually a lot each one the Richter scale goes up it increases  by 30 so there  is a big difference! Also in Chillie only 500 lives were lost  but to make up with lives it changed the earths rotation slightly!

So witch one do you think is more devastating plz comment below what you think!😃😃😉😄😄😊😏🚑🚑🚀🌋🌋🌋🌀🌀🌂🌅🌄🌄

August 5

Principals story

Principal story

You might think when you go to their office, “man I’m in trouble!”

You walk with caution down the long spooky corridor.

Awaiting your fate. You reach out, your hand is shaking.

You take a deep breath ready for you fate

Then you realize… you have made a mistake!

You can’t bare to look, you peek and you see that the principal’s not angry!

In fact she’s the opposite! She is smiling and welcomes you in: “is this a trap!?” you think to yourself sit down and have a biscuit! “Let’s talk,” says the principal. So you do as you’re told and sit down on the couch. It’s soft and fluffy. You make sure not to crouch. You pick up a biscuit “wow this is great!” You say as you swallow it down you take another and practically inhale it down then you lick your lick your lips then you start to talk….

2 hours later…

“Thank you and bye” you say as you leave

That wasn’t so bad you say to yourself.

So don’t be afraid and don’t be alarmed principals are nice they’re not that bad

By Tiia2014

August 1

btn grey hound racing!

Grey hound racing has been a world wide sport and loved by many people!

But there is a bit of a catch some trainers have been being horrible to these beautiful dog.

For instance:

Putting them down if they dont win( killing them).

Using live animals for there bait in training.

And locking them up in bad cages.

These dogs are very fast so that’s why we are using them for racing.

I think that greyhound racing should not be ban. I think that for the people who are doing everything right and fairly i dont think that they also have to stop!

But i do think that the people should have to have a licence and they also have to have a training test or something like that so that everyone knows that the dogs are safe and loved.

thumb this is a greyhound