October 25

space rocks btn

BTN space rocks!

Most people think that comets, meteors and astrioeds are the same! Well I am here to tell you that they are not and here is why:

Meteoroids: are smaller chunks of asteroids and millions enter earth’s atmosphere everyday when we do we call them meteors if you have ever been outside at night and seen a shooting star that’s a metior though most of them burn up when they enter the atmosphere

Comets: are made of ice and dust and are cold because they come from an outer part of the solar system

Asteroids: Are usually made of rock or metal. And there are tens of thousands in our solar system. In the astoried belt between Mars and Jupiter!


So what do you think?

October 20

space homework


We did a science video as home work! So why don’t you also watch it and see if you like it! coment what you thought.

  1. We live in the milky way.
  2. They milky way formed 4 and a half billion years ago.
  3. Our star the sun is t the center of the solar system.


  1. If there was other life out there could we live side by side together.
  2. How do we travel though space if oxygen leaks.


  1. Now i know more about space and the solar system around us.
October 11

my goals reflection and goals for term 4 2016

Reflection of year goals term 4

Well making a few friends was hard but at camp I still had fun and I made friends. In a way I really think my organization skills have gotten better, like coming to class before the bell with all the books and tools needed. This term we will be learning about space witch is definitely one of my passions. and I love to learn about so I have a few goals for that (see below). Also mapping and times will be fun because I love to map things out I also want to Finnish my novel because it’s a great one about a girl in a haunted house with her friends. Though I still need to work on being less distracted and on task because I am very easily distracted though it is going away though I do want to be better at not getting distracted by high school because that would be great for me to learn more about what our task might be instead of looking out the window into space.

My future goals:

  1. I can get a better understanding about space and what is out there
  2. I will not get distracted in class
  3. I can Finnish my novel
  4. I can make more friends out of class and in class
  5. I will try to finnish my goals in the 10 weeks I have this term


my Science goals:

  1. Why does the moon affect the tides
  2. I want to know more about places that are like Earth. – what would happen if space had gravity – what would happen if we had 10 suns and 10 moons?
  3. When writing things about this I would like to work on punctuation. – my understanding of the sun
October 11

the ancient study of astrolegy

3 recalls

  1. The ancient civilisations such as the ancient greeks and the baybalonians and the mayans all contrubuted something to modern astrolegy.
  2. The mayans were very interested isn astrolegy too but sadly we dont know much about them because a group of spanish conquistodors burnt there records .
  3. The mayans did create the mayan long count callender  witch used the base number as 20 compared to the common base number of 10.

2 questions

  1. What is pollaris and vega?
  2. Why did they have wars on ecpipses?

1 understanding

  1. There were three contributers to the astrolegy we now know more about today