November 15

btn- humans in space.

For millennia humans have looked to the stars above and wondered what was out there, and finally we are able to travel to those dreams and wonders in the sky above us. It started back in 1961 when we sent a person into space, his name was Eureka Garmin a Russian cozmanod. On July 20th 1969 Apollo 11 went to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. But there was more to come in the 70’s america made a space station in space! it was the worlds first space station letting people live in space. It wasn’t the last in 1981 there was another launch of a space shuttle called Columbia, it marked the beginning of reusable spacecraft’s and it built  a structure so big it can be seen by the naked eye from earth!

Humans in space. – the video


November 9

science homework

This week we are doing a science reflection mine will be in a 321 reflection style.

3. How would they get food or water?!

3.Why are we thinking about going there when there would really be no point no food no water no tools!!??

3.If we did ok if we wanted to build a place on Mars like a base were would we get all the machines to put it together!?


2. It usually takes 6 months to get to Mars.

2.The space shuttles will be powered by methane, because it can get the methane off Mars.


  1. I now know that in the future it will be possible to go to Mars, and experience a different un-human biomes.
November 2

science homework

As usual we are doing a science reflect for homework this week. So here I have mine in a three two one reflection style!

3. Is there non-earth food that you cant get on earth?

3. Could you grow food like veggies on the space shuttle?

3.  Would you need plaits because it would always just flout away?


2. You cant use cups because liquids would just float away.

2. All of the foods have to be packaged.


  1. I think that I now understand that it must be hard to eat in space because of all the hazards