December 12

a friendship: amy


Amy and I

Chapter 1: that lonely little girl.

Have you ever had the feeling that you can’t though you know you can? That’s what I felt that day.

I can! I yelled to myself I can, I can, I can!!! No you can’t! I CAN!!! And with that I skipped over. “H-H-hi! “ I stammered I was sooo nervous I felt like a cat on a rocking ship in the MIDDLE if the ocean “m-m-my name i-is T-T-Tiia.” Few! I did it. Now for the last part… “What’s your name? “ “My name! “She said it as if no one had ever asked her that! “W-Well my name is Amy, Amy deip.”

We talked and talked, I learned a lot about Amy… little did I know that this was a start of a strong friendship the friendship I had wanted dearly.

Chapter 2: third grade friends

“What’s your favorite song? “ I asked Amy. It was still in our early days of friendship, and we still had stuff to learn about each other’s lives. Amy replied my question quickly, “K Sera! “ “You mean QUE Sera. “ I corrected. “NO its K Sera” Amy shot back “ is “ NOT “ IS” NOT “ IS “ NOT” IIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS “ NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT” that is when the teacher came over and cut us of… uh oh…

Chapter 3: WHAT!!??!?

Ever since the argument Amy and I were not really friends. Though there was no time to think about that now I was about to have a parent teacher interview!

… two hours later…

Few it had finished and I was just putting my books away. That was not too bad… that’s when I herd Amy’s name be mentioned in the discussion. “ well next week Amy has to go home with someone for a few nights as her mum is going away for a little and as Tiia is her bestie I thought… you?” asked the teacher tentatively. Mum being mum said “yes sure we will bring Amy home it would be great fun for the girls” my heart skipped a smile slapped itself on my face this was going to be EPIC!!!

The very next day Amy and I were friends again talking all day long about the awaiting sleepover… and… we were friends again…











Time seemed to slow an hour felt like a day,  the day stretched into a week. Finally when there was 5 minutes left of the day I counted it down.

5,4,3,2,1 come on come on… 3, 2, 1, DING DING DING!!!!! YES!!

We grabbed our school bags, ran outside and dived into my dads car and giggled. This was the best day ever!!

Chapter 4 to sleep or not to sleep.

“psst Amy Amy!” I whispered into the darkness. “ yes “ was the voice that echoed back. CLICK light bounced around the room as I switched my flashlight on. I felt around under the soft case of my pillow aha they were still there. It was 11:59 and 30 seconds. We laid our loot out on our beds. “dig in!” 12:00 I had never been more awake in my life!  12 snakes 3 lollipops and a chocolate bar never let let you sleep

Chapter 5: a month later

Today we were getting our reports!!! “ Alicia, phoebe, Shirley, Ben,” the teacher called I wondered when my name would be called.”Dryden, Anatolian, Irma, Amy, “ suspense was buzzing all around me.” And Edward, tiia, Noah, charlie” I jumped to my feet a smile slapped itself on my face, I grabbed my report my future inside ready to unfold but not as I had expected…

Chapter 6 : a year later

It turned out that Amy and I were in the same class next year TWO YEARS IN A ROW!! What luck! but… Amy was not happy about it… in fact she looked completely gloomy… I walked up to her…” w-whats the matter? “ i-its o-official mum s-said i-I had to… N-No NO it cant h-happen! Yes yes it is I will move schools

Nothing NOTHING had ever felt like this before such grief it felt like my friendship had just been ripped by an angry dog out to chew you shoes but instead it was hungry for the happiness of others… all my dreams my hopes and my wonders… GONE! Nothing mattered anymore Amy was my best friend Amy was the star on the Christmas tree.  Now it was just a tree a tree with some sparkles on it “ don’t tell ANYONE “ she said sternly w-w-why? Mum does not want the school knowing… ok Amy ok..

That day was torture… Amy was sobbing all day when the bell rung she took her bag and fled “ GOODBYE AMY goodbye…” there was no reply just a few water droplets on the asphalt…


That was all a year ago. I am writing this book now this was a true happening to me it was terrible but never give up on your friends don’t dought them and I can tell you now that Amy and I are still fierce friends…


based off a true story that happened to my self.

December 12

100wc this year

this year has been amazing, camp, making new friends, its been… amazing.

CAMP: this was a DEFINATE highlight!

we went to parliment house were my tooth fell out!! i think i am the first person to ever have my tooth fall out at parliment though my camera could not take the EPICNESS of  the old one because it ran out of battery we also went to questicon and we also went into the pool that the austrailian olipians trained in!!


this year i made 3 good friends, jared ,tiana ,and of course carah!


there are alot more things i could mention but

this is a 100wc BYE! hope you all have a GREAT summer break!