February 27

my src speach 2017

My SRC speech 2017

Hello 5/6 I am Tiia and I think I should be ur src for 2017

Now lets get to the basics:… SRC stands for student representative council as its name states its mebers represent its classes ideas for the school it also helps with leadership and getting more mature



Why should I be ur class rep?

I like to speak infront of audiances and I would love to share ur ideas infront of our peirs and make this school a better more educational zone! I love helping this amazing scool and I have ideas! For instance…

What happened to the quiet zone?

Also as u may know this is the 100 anaversary of our school and being a rep of it would be a huge pleasure.

I also want to step up in my leadership as highschool grapples closer I want to be able to have good leadership for the future. It’s a skill many of us will need for highschool.


Yes now we have got to the money side of things this is an important aspect I know all pof u might be groaning but this is important to keep our school alive and money also helps with our activities and lesons for instance:

We all know those soccer goals out on the oval that many of u might like well those did not just fly down and say hey lets give ourselves to this school for free YAY! No no no  those where bought out of money  from the fundreaisers that the SRC sets up.

I have some really fun ideas!

Heres one!

Box city…


It might seem strange but we can make money out of boxes and who does not like crawling through boxes!!!

So the point of this is that people would bring in a box and a 2 dollar coin and we would create a big box city we would send the money to recicling Victoria

The money would help and incorage people to recicly and not just use up land for landfill

I know it souds weired but it works I saw it at my other friends school.  They also put the box city in there fete it was 2 dollars per time in it and you had to find little clues


Any ways I hope u see that I would be usefull in the src and thank you for listening.




( I don’t really want to be src for this year though u can use my writing )

February 15

my first btn for 2017! – sleeping volcanos

http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3001004.htm to the btn


hello world today we did our first btn for the year! 🙁 its truly school now ): still its nice to get back to ruetean. well today for my first btn i did sleeping volcanoes as right now i am very interested in these blowholes of lava and ash. so lets get into it:

= facts

= understandings



many people think that some volcanoes are extincted ,and are not worried at all but what if they are just sleeping!? : many of u will know by now about the deadly volcano Vesuvius. That killed all of its residence and made them into stone frozen in time forever… ( this eruption was on the 24th of august 79 a.d ) Some volcanoes will sleep for thousands of years, some just a few months. If they are sleeping be aware and be alert If there are any earthquakes or anything that would give away the signs of and erupting volcano!! ( though dont be paranoid because of me ) And its not just mighty Vesuvius that sleeps, many volcanoes do. Wherever a volcano is it has a chance of going to sleep for a while, even around the ring of fire where volcanoes erupt every week! that’s hot!!!!

Even I have questions so here they are:

1. If a volcano erupted where could we go if we could not get evacuated?

2. What usually causes volcanoes to erupt?

What do you understand now after watching the video and reading this artical? plz comment what you think!

I understand now that volcanoes can erupt anonymously and they can go to sleep, but still be active ( so dont go picnicking on a rumbling hill )


thanks for reading! 

TIIA 2014!!





February 12

Dear 5/6 a and libby

Dear 5/6 A and Libby…

Hello 5/6A and Libby I am sicked to be in this class for 2017! as you know by now I am in grade 6 (my last year of primary school) And this is the first time I am not in the last letter class: when I was in prep I was in prep C, then I was in1 /2 D twice, then I was in 3 /4 C for grade 3 and 4 then when I was in grade 5 I was in 5 /6C, and now for the finally I am FINALY in the first letter class :)J yay!

On the holidays I went to the beach once had some of my friends over, and I went over to theirs. I did go to Sydney for Christmas though that was my only flight this holidays! Yeah sure the holidays were good but I am grateful they have ended I love seeing all my friends in one place!

I can’t wait for camp and I love the beach so what a great combo for camp!!!!! J

I have 4 people in my family (in the same house)

My orange cat Curtis – witch I consider my little brother ( i know i am weird )- and loves to explore and play though does not mind a pat

My mum- who works as an art teacher at elthem collage

And my dad- who works with the institute of drone tech


I can’t wait for a great year in 5/6A 2017!


TIIA2014 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

February 6

2017 safer internet day

Hi guys its 2017 and we just did a safer internet webinar! for safer internet day!! (in this chat there were 128 contries across australia in it )

in this webinar we talked about how important it is to keep ur info to urself and how you need ur privacy on social media.



  • report people who you think are being cyberbullies
  • if ur getting cyber bullied tell an adult.
  • its important to check your privacy settings.
  • if you have posted something on socil media and your being heavily bullied  its good to tell a kids helpline.
  • keep some evidence to show.
  • its hard to tell if people are good or bad on social media.
  • NEVER meet up with someone you met online.
  • if they keep on harassing you with” lets meet up in real life”  it its legal to tell the police about it.


  • to feel safe and secure
  • be different
  • and have privacy

thank you and be safe online!