March 28

btn anh do

Anh do used to be a refugee kid from Vietnam who was escaping war and now he is a famous comedian.

When he was little he used to live in Vietnam but when war struck he had to evacuate with his family.

His family was his mum ,dad, brother and him.

When he was at sea pirates where a threat as the continued there was a pirate ship that threatened to drop anh dos little brother over board!

Once he and his family got to Australia his parents said to make the most of it cause they had survived 5 hard days at sea and got through a bit of war.

So now he is a comedian making the most of it.


my question is that what did the pirates want?


my conclusion is that its hard to be a refugie.


March 22

btn federal Australia

3. if the dutch sailor had stayed in Tasmania longer then we might have spoken dutch

3.the northern territory and south Australia where not original borders.

3.when the common wealth if Australia come in all the different areas in the country came and became Australia


2. if great Britten had not given Australia common wealth would we have set up war in the colonies

2. if the dutch sailor had thought Australia now was just part of already discovered land would he have just sailed right past


1.Australia was not really Australia before the commonwealth

March 21

100wc week #26

The ball was right there…

Right in front of my face… it scared me sure but…i could kick it i knew i could…

I may be short but i could jump to the ball…

I want them to ask themselves … how could something so tiny… kick a ball like that!

I was a great defender and i wanted to show them i could be.

Sure soccer was not really my thing but i could still play it and that’s what mattered.

So i kicked the ball out of the way from those goals…


what do you think happened next?


March 15


helooooo today i am doing my 100wc lets begin!


giant hands grope around and grasp anything they can touch

screams echo behind me and i dive into a little stone cave just enough for one…

as i peek cautiously out of the cave i see explosions and destruction behind me

trees being uprooted and people getting lifted way into the air then getting plunged back down into the island

the ground giants where angry no dought about that!

the earth split open and smaller giants grasped there way into the open

i fell back when the earth made a quake and i smacked my head on the stone above no blood was drawn though in a few second i had been plunged into darkness…


thanks i hop u liked my 100wc this week!


March 13

…so that is why i am always last… 100wc

I was panicked…my computer hums in the background i cant think of what will happen in the 100wc
dad calls from the kitchen “5  min ” my breath quickens i start typing but i cant get ideas flowing quick enough…4 min just um and arr forming in my head why do i procrastinate so much?!
3 minutes  i wont have time to edit!
2 min …i am always last to Finnish… my homework! ugh!!!! i dont even know if  am in the 100 word limit! then i thought… why dont i do something about this right now i am last to do my 100wc and i am mostly last to Finnish homework i type madly just as it starts counting down 5…4…3…2…1… DONE!



March 7

BTN week 6

today i am doing a btn for homework its not exactly a btn but its a vid that i will do a reflection on it if you want to watch the video before i begin click here
OK lets begin
3.suds and Thompson wanted to get caught!
3.the Governor didn’t let them go to Australia as convicts!
3.suds died because he was sick and he was mistreated in the prison.
2.why did the governor want to keep them back in England?
2.if they though that why did they become guards? i understand that back then punishments where punishments and the punishments where harsh!
March 4

100wc : however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable

running… puff puff puff : spotting a cave:however deep it was i just stepped in it, was better then behind me. Screams echoed around me the crackle of fire… puff puff puff. I gingerly stepped into the darkness and I started running again. I turned the corner and discovered a remarkable scene! Yellow crystals hung like stalactites to the sealing. Cris crossing across the cave. The crystals had a golden glow about them and I felt safe suddenly. I lay down next do one with my singed pajamas on the smell of smoke in my nose. and fell into darkness…


Image result for burning housethank you to the creator

burning house pic.

100 WC prompt

March 1

1st btn of the the year!

3.for the aboriginals this was strange and kinda scary! was hard for the convicts because they where hungry sick and scared! was terrible for the aboriginals because they where threatened, killed, hurt and had there children taken away from them! also new animals and new foods and new people just came and said “hey this is nice lets make it ours!”


2. would they just have killed everyone in the jail if captain cook had not found Australia for the British colony?( not that cap cook had been the first to find Australia)

2. where the convicts on the first fleet aware of what was happening?


  1. i understand that it was tough living back in 1788(/1789 on and on )


well that’s our first btn done!