April 30

cyclone debbie

BTN- this week cyclone Debbie

you may have heard the recently there was a cyclone in Queensland this cyclone was named Debbie.

the cyclone was fierce, it ripped apart buildings and destroyed the landscape with a nasty scar

lots of people stayed at there house with supplies but many more were evacuated

if you stayed there there was no electricity after wards as the storm had ripped through the power plant

though Luckly everything is now under control

cyclone Debbie video

April 29

100wc – the ant

the water was heavy even though prestiouse
it would save his family
it was the only droplet around!

it was the hot season there was bearly any water around but he had found the only drop around!
and he was the one that would save his family
his mother, father, sisters, brothers, and of course great antie joanes little pet aphid!
he would be a hero

the little ant was full of joy as he rolled the water droplet all the way back to his family

he would save his family and be a very proud ant!



April 19

100wc week #28?

I woke up to the sudden creak of the floor board

I sat bolt upright as i realized there where hundreds of figures walking through my room and into the wall on the other side.

The figures did not flinch when i screamed then i realized my voice was gone i was screeming my head off…

i pinched myself and i did not feel it….

I did not wake up…

I stuffed my head under my pillow…

And woke up in the pitch black… with an ominous glow coming from the door of my room

Slowly walked to the door and peeked through…



i hope u enjoined😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~😈~