April 30

cyclone debbie

BTN- this week cyclone Debbie

you may have heard the recently there was a cyclone in Queensland this cyclone was named Debbie.

the cyclone was fierce, it ripped apart buildings and destroyed the landscape with a nasty scar

lots of people stayed at there house with supplies but many more were evacuated

if you stayed there there was no electricity after wards as the storm had ripped through the power plant

though Luckly everything is now under control

cyclone Debbie video

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1 thoughts on “cyclone debbie

  1. bridget

    I really liked the facts in this piece like about how the cyclone is under control. But I thought that you could of told us what you now know and stuff because it looked really small and rushed. You have to improve on checking your spelling and punctuation. But overall I really liked it.


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