May 28

Tassie devils.

3. Tassie devils are on the endangerd list because…

3.there is a disease that is like a face cancer.

3.zoos in Tasmania are helping these furry critters come back.


2.after there are enough in captivity will they release some into the wild? it the same disease as the one that killed off the Tasmanian tiger?


1.tassie devils are in danger of being extincted.

May 25

100wc week #32

This was the only restaurant for another 400km, and I was really hungry! Though as I walked in I was confronted with an astonishing scene! all over the walls where hungry hands! some small some quite large, but all groping for me as I walked down the hall into the restaurant. when into the main room i looked at the walls again and the hands where still there! but instead of being empty and restless these hands each had an item of food in them! and instead of groping a you they where still with content in having a food item in them.

May 23

Math-Data lesson 8

hello readers.

Today we did a lesson on data.

Here is the first graph I did today!

 < ——This is the graph I made.

This is the data I got.  ——->  

In this  graph I chose to use a line graph, because  it showed change of temperature over time!

May 19


Fashion is all around us…but sometimes the models aren’t the models…     France is making a new law that the models cant be super thin and un-healthy they have to be healthy.

This is a big deal because France in known as the fashion central of the world! and there not just stopping at just that… they are also going to make a law that the photoshoped pictures of models have to be  labeled.

Its not good for younger people to see models that have been photoshoped and think that they have to look like that.

And France hopes because they have changed the laws that other countries will change too but we can only wait….

May 16

100wc week#31


I had waited to go to this water park since winter! And finally we where here!!!! I wanted to try out the CROCODILE encounter first!! So I got in line….

I peered into the WIDE cage that I would be in while I swam with the crocodiles. I saw a crocodile splash to the surface. It was a rare ORANGE one.

I was in the cage…I was terrified… I suddenly herd a creak WITHIN the cage… Then the bottom COLAPSED  under neath me I grabbed I onto the roof… And hung there… When  it finally ended the engineers rushed over

in the end it was all fine they even bought me a free crocodile plus hie as a sorry present…

May 14

btn message in a bottle

Wouldn’t it be cool to be walking along the beach and you stumble across a bottle!

That’s what happened to tristen!

It had floated in the sea for a year and a half and then it washed up on a new south wales shore right into the hands of tristen.

A girl named Sadie had throne the bottle in on her journey from america to new Zealand!

The bottle was covered in barnacles and they needed to use a bottle opener to get the cork out.

But as soon a Tristan was home he contacted Sadie.

Sadie was amazed that someone had found the bottle and she immediately told her friends!

though think twice before you through a bottle into the sea as it could become rubbish or it could break down and animals might eat it!



May 14

100wc week #30

My friend and i walked into a lolly store.

We bought 2 gobstopers. ( against my will )

And we wandered down to the park…

The gobstoper got smaller and smaller and i licked it untill…


I looked down at the gobstopper it had blod on it…


My tong stang.

I had a bloody dint in my tong…

I looked down at the gobstopper again…i just couldent eat domething so… so …. ew!!

I dumped the little piece of what was left of the gob stopper in the bin.

And from that day forth i have been scared of gob stoppers.


true story

May 4


ok… so i mix shaving cream… and soap … and corn flower… and more flower… and eye drops… and green dye

i mixed it together and froze it for 20 min…

as i took the slime  i knocked it against the side of the freezer and it flew all over me the fridge and the slated floor!!!


i dived for the towls but and as i did i knocked of mums favorite china bowl!!! 

NO No NO No!!!!!

i turned around 

… the slime dripped through… the hole in the floor!!!


i woke up in a sweat and i realized i was dreaming… 



i hope you enjoyed this 100wc  and if you are wondering you can make slime with that recipe