June 29

term 2 unit reflection

Adaptation project reflection.


In term 2 we are studding on the adaptations of animals! We had an excursion to the aquarium for this study to see how those animals had adapted to their watery environments. But for our projects we concentrated on deserts.

For our project on adaptations of desert animals we concentrated on fennec foxes. We wanted to do a power point, and diorama. So first thing we did was get online and check what fennec foxes are like. We started by just googling fennec foxes and sure enough google came up with its own answer. So we used that information

These we found were the most informative.

Once we searched up fennec fox we started googling things such as fennec fox habitat, or fennec foxes diet. And even those websites sparked other ideas. Anyway we collected the main data into our topic notebooks and later transferred that onto power point.


One thing that I understand now is that all animals have adapted because we were all atoms once but now that those atoms have developed they have now become animals and plants and minerals and such.


A general rule for all adaptations is that they have all adapted to their environment in physical and mental ways such as a physical way is like a big furry coat for an animal in cold areas of the world. And a mental is that they are nocturnal so that they can get the most out of their hunting patterns.

I usually find that my social capabilities are quite good but when I was working on this specific project I realised that I am not so good at sharing out jobs. I like to do things more independently lately and I find that that works for me personally I think that our project was good but I find also that I would have worked better if I was just by myself.


  1. I found that our science experiment was quite surprising with our results and I still can’t believe that the difference was 12 degrees!!!! It was phenomenal! And the fennec fox must be a smart animal to have started burrowing to keep cool in the desert and it’s amazing how they have adapted to the desert life!
  2. I also found that while we were researching the fennec fox we stumbled across an interesting fun fact! This fact is that some people have fennec foxes as pets and that it is legal in some areas of America but one of the things to actually get the fennec fox as your pet is that you sometimes have to travel all the way to north Africa and capture one then tag it to you and then ship/fly it all the way back to your home. But it does not stop there! Then you have to go into the airport and collect your fennec fox and then declare it as yours and not a wild animal once you do that you need to go to your local RSPCA and declare its yours then you have to pay something close to 2000$ and then you have to train it! Any way I won’t get into those tiny details because we would be here for years!
  3. Another interesting fact that I came across is that fennec foxes like to eat fruit! Yes fruit!


  1. I understand now that when I am presenting I should slow down and say less ums and arrs
  2. I understand now that I speak better with cue cards and I will use this technique in the future!


  1. Though I am still wondering what fennec foxes favourite fruit is. (they do like fruit)


What were the most important things I have learnt? The most important thing I have learnt is not about adaptations but about working with a partner. When I work with a partner I see that I am doing lots of the work, not because my partner did not do anything but because I took over a little too much. Another thing that I have learnt is that all animals have adapted every single one just so that they can survive and that is why the dinosaurs went extinct

(One of the reasons) and humans are probably one of the most adapted because we were originally apes.


How did I learn it?  I learnt that I was taking over the project when I was the only one in the pair that took things home and that worked on them at home. I found that that helped me and was more to my adaptations of learning skills and I also pretty much knew that we had evolved from apes and atoms and such for long before we started this unit.


How am I going to use what I have learnt? I think that I am going to use what I have learnt in the past so that if I have a chose I will work on my own and  I think that that makes me more confident that I will get the assignment finished. And If I do not get a chose I will try my best to co-operate with my partner/ group.


I now have a summary of this assignment and i have concluded that I found this unit exciting and informing also I think that I need to work on my social skills when working in a group. I also think that if I improve on my social skills for learning in pairs or groups, I think that this would help me in the years to come in high school. And I can’t wait to find out our topic for term 3.

June 26

my project on animal adaptations for term 2

sorry i have not posted in a while. you see its the end of term and we had other homework so i am going to post my other homework that we where doing for your entertainment! and its about… fennec foxes!!!

i hope you enjoyed and sorry if you cant read it well.

also if you would like to read more during the holidays I have a few book recomendations!


  1. 300 min of danger
  2. 400 min of danger
  3. the third witch
  4. the mystery of the missing painting
  5. the girl with the silver eyes
  6. the wish bird
  7. the secrets we keep
  8. the other chirsty
  9. horizon
  10. withering by sea
  11. playing beatie bow
  12. the Copernicus leagacy

and i think that would be enough to read over the hollidays!

hope you have an awesome break


TIIA 2014!

June 4

100wc week#33

…In the flash of lightning I saw… I also saw a human walk out…The human was perfectly fine… But she was glowing slightly…when she looked over at me I saw her face…She had glowing golden hair and yellow eyes…She was not like any human I had ever seen, all of a sudden a normal trip to the country had turned into an adventure… From this point on that girl would be the start of a journey that would take me to the clouds and far beyond… And to places I did not even know existed ,and then find my destiny…

June 4

weedy sea dragon btn

3.The weedy sea dragon are endangered.

3.They are mostly found on the south east coasts of Australia.

3.They are related to sea horses.


2.How many are currently in captivity?

2.If they do go extincted when would that most likely be?


1.The weedy sea dragon is in danger and we should try to help them