July 30

100wc week41

we where driving… and driving… and driving… you are probably wondering why i am in driving… well… it started 2 days ago.

we where comming back from school. …when all of a sudden… i got a call… this call was from the insurance. this is what they said:

hello we are aware that in the past 2 hours your house was burnt down. is this to your knowledge?

i was really confused… how could my house have burnt down? i rushed to my house. smoke rose above my head as i biked ahead… i looked down my driveway… this was not good…

July 21

100wc week40

I remember it very well… We where at the summer carnival for my 5th birthday. We where just walking on to the carousel when the hourses started to shudder… I had my eye on a sparkling pink one. It was magnificent! But just as we lined up to get on I saw the pink hourse wink at me. And soon after that the orange one neighed and jumped off its bars!  Followed by the blue one then the red then the yellow soon followed by the purple and then the pink one. And I watched them ride off, away.