August 6

Steamed windows

A theme in this was loss, deafness, and friendship I saw the theme of loss when she said she enjoyed music but she could not listen to it anymore, another one was just the whole topic of deafness and how that effected her, And friend ship was when she and jade where drawing on the steamed windows

The author is saying that there are deaf people out there and we need to respect that they are deaf and that we should be more open to them and try and learn sign language.

i See this when made and alexia are trying to have a conversation because that a board and they can’t have proper convo because she can’t hear anything.

and there a people out there who are deaf and they have either been deaf since birth and never hard a sound or they tragically lost their seance of hearing. On thing that I have that is a connection is that my dad told me that he had a friend and that that friends perants where deaf so my dad just Learnt OZ lan. Another I have is that Bridget and I saw some deaf people communicating with funny hand movements so we tried out speaking on sign language and now we both know the OZ lan alfabet.

It’s the only thing, if I really, really listen I can sometimes hear it, but it’s quiet, muted. It’s like its playing, softly inside a sound proof room and I’m outside the door, sitting and straining to hear

That is a copy from the story steamed Windows and here we have  quite a good representation of figurative language

see here it say that it’s like  and when it says this it’s usually comparing it to something.

It paits a picture that she longs to listen to music but she can never quite get enough of it. And this is true, as human beings we like to listen to music because it expresses fealing.


a repeating pattern in this story is that she often has to sat that she is deaf and that she thinks that she can’t do anything anymore because she can’t listen to her passion. And humans enjoy music because it expresses what they understand and their opinion and music is the perfect way for us to relax or get ready for a party or just gentry shake up the mood with a pop song off Spotify.


one thing that the author says about the theme is that she woke up from amnesia and felt quite stressed that she could see people talking but she could not hear them.  And that people take there senses for granted

If I was alexia I found freak out and start screaming!!! I lov listening to things and I think that my life would take a downfall if I could never listen to music. And I won’t take my senses for granted any more, I truly think I am blessed that I can listen a feel and see and taste and smell!

i think people would agree with this because it would be truly scary to have hearing one minute and not the next minute!

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