August 15

100wc week44


yes walrus.

have you herd the joke about the penguins?

no. no i have not.

here it is then.

one day a zoo transporter was transporting puienguins. and the truck broke down, it was a hot day. so he was worried about the puienguins. thats when a hippie drove up to him and said that he could help. ” please take these pueinguins to the zoo! “

“sure thing!” the hippie answered ” here is some money just to say thanks.”

so the hippie drove off with the penguins,

later that day the truck driver saw the man with the penguins!

” what are you doing!!!” the driver said.

the hippie answered: ” well we went to the zoo so now we are going to the movies”.

did you like it sealie?


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1 thoughts on “100wc week44

  1. libby2016

    Love your sense of humour Tiia – great creative response. Just be careful with your spelling – you should always ask someone to proofread your work before publishing.


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