September 10

100wc week#47

we where at the golf course.

we where not playing golf.

we where watching our great aunt greta.

she was a really enthusiastic player.

i was talking to my cousin. luper.

i know i know her name is a bit… strange.

but her perants wanted lucy or persa so now she sounds like some breed of wolf.


i looked around wondering what i could possibly do for the next 2 miserable hours.

thats when i saw the giants foot prints.

i took my shoe off to comapare them.

” wow!” luper came up to me.

” wow indeed.!!” i answerd back to her.

September 10

let the electricity flow.

3. we use a theory from 300 years ago for the use of elecrictiy

3.steven grey had the first discovery on how we would make our electical wires 300 years from then

3.we are living in a word where we take such things for granted but back then it was phenominal to see such an act. did steven grey think of something like this?

2. that was his inspieration?


  1. i understand that 300 years ago steven grey came up with an idea of our modern day elecrical lines.