July 24

Week one of semester 2 100wc

We were in the Antarctic the sun was high but the ice was still solid under our feet.  Then we came across a bird that flew down towards us .As it got closser we realized that it was a purple colour. We were frightend  At first. That is when the bird dropped our missing camera we called after the bird: Thank you bird of purple feathers. We were here to do a documentary on animals of the antarctic and. Then we opened up the cammera and it had amazing footage of Antarctica and. It was if the bird had flew over the whole Antarctic the thing was that the battery was dead.

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May 10

week #17 100wc

I was painting the fence for a neighbor when it all happened.  I looked down to reapply my brush with paint. Then in the reflection I saw a rope ladder rising up to the clouds. I dropped the brush and looked up. I reached up, jumped and swung upward. I was sitting on the first rope. I then grabbed the next rope and climbed. I climbed for 10 minutes. I looked down. I was at least 1 mile upward in the air, though I kept climbing. At last, I got to the clouds. They were soft. I lay down on the soft cloud grass. I looked around, there were cloud houses and trees, it was amazing! It was my cloud land!

this week the 100wc was hard to get to so i am also including a link to another blog that gave me the blog.

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April 21

100wc week 14

So it all started when I was walking back home with my BFF s Lucy and Anna when Anna stopped and  said: “hey come here!” so we walked back ” can we please please please do the lucky dip!” Lucy said “uh no way it probably has some dumb plastic necklace!” i said( and this was a HUGE! Mistake )” oh why not Lucy plus then we can give the prize to charity if we dont like the prize!” so i payed and Anna reached in and got a nice purple bracelet then i reached into the box … and I got a: SLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwww.

my inspire ration for this week!

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March 14

thats when the conection broke up


AHHHH  what was that! I sat up strait in my bed i reached for my phone  typed in the pass, entered phone, and typed my friend number in; A sleepy Abigail answered “whats happening Maddie”she yawned.

Somethings is wrong terribly wrong see i was in bed and then all of a sudden i herd a terrible scream. It was blood curdling.  and it sounded like my sis Marcy. Marcy is two year younger than me and is not scared of much i continued. Abigail answered back maybe she is in the play room that was when the connection broke up…

to be continued.

March 2

100wc #1

harriet simmon was a normal girl that was until she was 14 years old when she was on a school trip she found a glowing stone and picked it up she then felt a tingle in her hands  then she started rizing and she flu into the air she was flying that was when people started calling her fire fox it was a shock now she was 15 it was a  year ago mow she was stoping villans like it was a daily activity she was  the super hero of whenton park it was hard to keep up with all her stuff when she had no powers but no it was a breze