October 26

100wc week #7’18

…as the door slammed, I knew… that i would never see the happiness of my familys faces again, i would have never gotten into this if i had never gone to the test.

they had told us that the test was manditory and if we did not go we would be exicuted

i went to the test… and while i was packing my bags to go back home, glass spheres droped down from the roof, kids were dashing for the door.

the loudspeaker  flushed the sound of a siren.

i saw a small kid trip, i dived for her as i saw a tube decend on her, i pushed her out of the way. i was in the tube.

October 22

100wc week #6’18

the first drowning of the hurricane was of Mr Kax Viucey

he was found under mud, upsidedown as if he had just been standing up, he was getting his apple tree ready for the storm, as his neighbors said. 12 others did not escape the hurricane alive 4 where children where among these.

warnings to whoever is still in the area, the worst is not over!

stay safe, take precautions and lock down, the next weather is  on tuesday, schools have closed down!

you have luck from the SRR  and  now onto lastnights protest with Siuy, siuy whats happening?





October 14

100wc #4’18

it was completely different! the trees all where emerald. the peoples hair was blue and yellow and green, some had purple! and the dog was wearing glasses!!!!!  the dog as in the dog atop the throne. who was now barking and glaring at us…

should we run… yes… the people where starting to glare at us with their fiery eyes… they had no pupils…uh

as we started to turn, the people started to leap forward… they could leap!! about 10 meters at once… we where doomed to stay in this hypnotizing metropolis! that caught humans and turned them into slaves for the ” higher” beings…

September 10

100wc week#47

we where at the golf course.

we where not playing golf.

we where watching our great aunt greta.

she was a really enthusiastic player.

i was talking to my cousin. luper.

i know i know her name is a bit… strange.

but her perants wanted lucy or persa so now she sounds like some breed of wolf.


i looked around wondering what i could possibly do for the next 2 miserable hours.

thats when i saw the giants foot prints.

i took my shoe off to comapare them.

” wow!” luper came up to me.

” wow indeed.!!” i answerd back to her.

September 10

let the electricity flow.

3. we use a theory from 300 years ago for the use of elecrictiy

3.steven grey had the first discovery on how we would make our electical wires 300 years from then

3.we are living in a word where we take such things for granted but back then it was phenominal to see such an act.


2.how did steven grey think of something like this?

2. that was his inspieration?


  1. i understand that 300 years ago steven grey came up with an idea of our modern day elecrical lines.
August 30

100wc #46

it was fabulose!

it was phenomenal! 

it was bright!

and then suddenly, it went dark!

i looked towards the sky. the sun was covered by the moon. it looked like something out of a super-natural film!

it was fabulous

it was phenomenal

it was dark

and then suddenly, it went light!

i had never seen such crazy happenings!

it was truly spectacular!

how’s it possible?

i was in awe of the colors  and the veiw! 

would i ever live to see another?

could i ever be amazed as much as i was the night i saw my first ever eclipse.


August 26

the lady in blue.

  • Big Question #2: What would make this book better?  + Big Question #4: Why did the writer write this?
  • + Big Question #1: What makes this book good? 


what would make this book better?

i think that to make this book better is that the author could have described how and why the lady in blue could not remember her own daughter.

why did the writer write this?

i believe that the author has some connection to forgetfulness and tragic losses. and that in the writers life someone who was very close to their heart died or got amneisia.

what makes this book good?

the good thing about this book is that lots of people can relate to the daughter and its reasuring them that there are people who have forgotten everything and thatere are people who loose someone. if its death, or if its something else.



thanks for reading!


August 26

100wc, week #45

it was fine until we where there!

we walked in.

it was not to scary.

we entered further.

my friend whispered to me,” go left “. that was where the scary old Halloween things where.

we turned left, as soon as we shut the door. we where enclosed by darkness. a small LED candle flickered on.

followed by another, and another, until there was a path of candles leading us on.

until… something…black…tall…and…quite…real. jumped!

…as it came rushing towards us we… fled! we bolted out and into the cool dark glow of the moon.

we stared at each other…

“never, again!”

August 19

My Forever Home
By Gail

I wander along the road miles from where I used to call home. I had been booted out just once too often and was now on the look out for a place I could be comfortable living in forever.
I scavenged food for weeks before finding myself the perfect spot.
No one in sight, just plenty of birdlife, magnificent trees and mountains of bush. This is home, I thought, the minute I laid eyes on it.

My very first adventure in my new home was to climb to the very top of the highest tree and look out.
Wow, I thought, a sea view. I had found my favourite spot. This would be my daytime spot.

That night it started to rain. Just a shower at first, but then it got quite heavy, so I ran towards an old water pipe. Wow this is the life, favourite tree, cosy bedroom. What more could I ask for. The best thing was there was no one to bug me.

I had to walk around at night to get food for myself. People left food out at their back doors and I knew exactly where to go and find it. That was always in the middle of the night. If they saw me there in the day time they would tell me to go away. I guess they didn’t want a scruffy thing like me messing up their uppity seaside neighbourhood.

I don’t know how long I had been there but one morning I awoke to big bangs right by my bedroom. I came out yawning and stretching to find machinery there digging the land. No one took any notice of me. They just kept on digging and in the process destroyed my bedroom.

Every morning I was woken by the same noise but I refused to leave. This is my home and they aren’t going to move me on, I thought. I would just climb my tree for the day and watch. It was all very interesting and I had no idea what they were doing.

Then a very big red truck arrived and it had plenty of wood on it. After a few days they had built a viewing platform for me. I now had a massive bedroom underneath the platform.
Wow, could my life get any better?

After the platform was erected some people came. They were taking photos so I jumped up on the platform and posed for them. They had a young boy with them and he came down to see me. He sat down by me and told me I had very big ears. How insulting. But he seemed nice and I heard his mum saying that I looked hungry. Soon after they left and came back with some food for me. It was really nice food.

As the weeks went by the platform grew and a roof went on. It had become a house. I would sit on the roof and look out to the sea. What a life. It had three flights of stairs and the same family came two or three times a week and every time they bought food for me. I really liked them and missed them when they weren’t there.

Then something huge happened, A big truck arrived with furniture and they started bringing it into my new house. I wondered what was happening at first. Then I saw the family.
The mum came in with a big comfortable looking box with a fluffy blanket in it.
I knew when the family all stood and looked at me that they wanted me to get inside the box. I jumped right in. Wow, I thought, I have a nice kind family. They all moved in that day.
Of course I rule the roost, after all, I was here first, but I have no complaints. They have become my forever family. I am now a lot bigger so my ears don’t look too big anymore and I have a best friend. The young boy who came to play with me on the platform two years ago. His name is Ethan.
I sleep on his bed every night and if I go outside in the cold he worries about me.
I hear him at the door calling for me. “Come on Sammie, here puss puss puss. Come in, it’s cold outside.” And when he arrives home every afternoon he picks me up and cuddles me. He is worth purring for.



sammie is a cat who was a stray and was adopted my a family moving to his perch next to the sea side.


sammie is , as I believe , an average cat. He likes cuddles and nature, and can’t keep in his adventurouse , or cuddly spirt.


i belive that sammie is a kind and optimistic soul and is like an average cat, cuddly, adventurouse and parcialy ferousouse.


i think that sammie is social cat. Because he was searching for a place he could call his own, and he enjoyed the company of the family, though he does like his independance as many cats do, because he told us that he enjoyed that there was no one at his new home.


sammie obviously sees that life can be harsh but you can have luck and he enjoys life now.


Thanks for reading my reflection on this story, stay colourful!🌸💜🦄😀🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

August 15

100wc week44


yes walrus.

have you herd the joke about the penguins?

no. no i have not.

here it is then.

one day a zoo transporter was transporting puienguins. and the truck broke down, it was a hot day. so he was worried about the puienguins. thats when a hippie drove up to him and said that he could help. ” please take these pueinguins to the zoo! “

“sure thing!” the hippie answered ” here is some money just to say thanks.”

so the hippie drove off with the penguins,

later that day the truck driver saw the man with the penguins!

” what are you doing!!!” the driver said.

the hippie answered: ” well we went to the zoo so now we are going to the movies”.

did you like it sealie?